LCD Soundsystem
Music Video

Director: Rick Darge

Artist: LCD Soundsystem

Track Name: Home


Produced by Mark Armes

Concept by Rick Darge & Mark Armes
Art Direction: Shelby Hohl & Mark Armes
Assistant Director: Mark Armes
Shooter/Editor: Rick Darge
Colorist: Jake Blackstone, MOD Color
Gaffer: Jeff Fountain


Starring Rick Armes, Fabian Vargas, Elena Vann, Arthur & Felicia Bates, Tom & Josh, Osker Koranado, Lily Orellana


With Special thanks to;
Cley Miller, The Armes Family, Shelby Hohl, Omar Afra, Elliot Santillian, Free Press Houston, Paul Wolfman, Brandon Holly, Dirt Bar, Vintage Bar, Chris Patterson, Rock Coronado, Jeff Fountain, Jagi Katial, Erin Patterson, Hasan, the City of Houston & everyone else that made it possible

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